Our Cattle





Our females are a product of our high standards for problem free production and selection for economically important traits including calving ease, growth and carcass value.


Brush Creek cattle are moderate framed with a high capacity for forage utilization These females are efficient and well adapted to their big-country range  environment.  


For generations, we have extensively culled cattle who do not meet our expectations. This has resulted in a cowherd with high fertility, good feet and legs, quality udders and quiet dispositions. 

Service Sires

Baldridge Cannon C398


A member of our bull battery, this calving ease sire is a  maternal brother to Baldridge Titan who topped the 2015 Baldridge Brother Bull Sale

Baldridge Dependable D111


D111  charts an impressive curve bending birth-growth spread and end product merit.

Baldridge Dependable D243


D243 had high performance ratios and ranks in the top 25% of the breed for YW, Marbling, Ribeye, $Feedlot & $Beef

Baldridge Dependable D252


An EF Commando 1366 son out of a Baldridge Waylon daughter who posted one of the top IMF scans in the entire 2018 Baldridge Bros. Bull sale offering

Payweight 1682 Sons


In the 2018 breeding season we will be utilizing several 1682 sons. This proven, high accuracy Angus Sire Alliance standout is the total package when it comes to injecting performance, carcass and maternal traits with docility and fleshing ability. 

Our Bulls


While no outside females have been purchased, we have a constant commitment to source industry leading genetics that complement our maternal base. We have a have been a long-time customer of Baldridge Bros. in North Platte, NE and have found this a successful method to access progressive and profitable growth and carcass traits with genetic predictability.