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" An Angus herd with leading edge genetics from a foundation backed by nearly a century of history …

Brush Creek Ranch produces reputation feeder cattle that consistently top the market in the #1 largest cow county in the U.S. – Cherry County, Nebraska. They are in high demand by numerous cattle feeders and packers for their uniformity, meat quality and reliable performance. Their reputation has been earned over many years through a keen focus on progressive genetics, rigid production standards, culling and adaptability to their big country range environment.

Brush Creek Ranch has one of the oldest straight bred Angus herds in the Sandhills. Their cow herd began in the late 80’s with a purchase of foundation Angus from the renowned Ruggles Brothers herd from McCook, Nebraska. The Ruggles herd roots trace to 1946 and the well-known Hadley Angus Ranch, established in 1928, one of the oldest straight bred Angus herds of the era. 

Brush Creek Ranch has further expanded and refined their genetic base with the selection of high performance bulls who excel in multiple traits including calving ease, growth, carcass quality and maternal traits. Top blood lines have been utilized including: Alliance, Traveler, Bando, Navigator, Foresight, Waylon, Commando and many more.


The cowherd at Brush Creek maintains a high standard of problem free production and must; calve every year, raise a heavy calf, have a moderate frame with a high capacity for forage utilization, a calm disposition, and good feet and udders. Any cows who don’t meet these requirements have been culled for generations. 

The result is a cattle program designed to perform in all segments of the production chain in an efficient manner.”   -Jud Baldridge, Baldridge Bros. North Platte, NE  

Brush Creek Ranch Harvest Data


The above data is from 121 head of Brush Creek Ranch Angus NHTC certified( hormone free) yearling heifers sold in the fall of 2016 at Valentine Livestock Auction, fed by Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard ( Dale Moore ) Gage, Oklahoma, and harvested at Creekstone Farms in KS in February of 2017. 

This is just a sample of the high quality, consistent cattle that we market. Brush Creek Ranch genetics are the kind that add profitability and value to all segments of the beef industry.

"In the Nebraska & South Dakota feeder cattle markets that are the world's biggest and most competitive, year-in year-out the Brush Creek cattle consistently top the market everytime they come to town." 

-Matt Lowery, 2008 World Champion Auctioneer