Brush Creek Ranch

Thedford, NE

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Brush Creek Ranch has been located in the Sandhills of Nebraska since the late 1980s starting with an Angus cow herd that traces back to the early 1900s. We strive to be good stewards of our cattle, our horses and our land.

Our Cattle

We have a continuous commitment to breed for traits that are economically important to efficient beef production. We simply will not work for cows who do not work for us, with extensive culling of females who do not fit out stringent quality standards for fertility, disposition, performance, mature size, feet and udders. Brush Creek Ranch believes in producing a high quality, consistent product with predictable potential and range cattle efficiency. 

Our Land

In addition to good animal husbandry practices we also place strong importance on sustainability and stewardship of our land. A primary goal when it comes to our land management philosophy is to leave the natural resources in better condition than before to remain viable for future generations of cattle and people . We work diligently to exceed industry standards for all aspects of production and sustainability.

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